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II Edition GYLF

The second Edition of the Global Youth Leadership Forum will take place from September 24 to 30, 2017 in the Magdalena Palace of Santander (Spain).

Impulsed by United Nations (across the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) and the Governments of Spain, Santander and Cantabria, numerous governments, international organizations, compa nies and world top level universities have added in the promotion of the first world forum of intergenerational debate for the analysis of the main challenges that will face the International Community in the next years.

Throughout seven days, 200 young world leaders (under 40-year-old) with important responsibilities in their countries, will debate with world figures from politic, economic, social and academic area on the challenges that, as society, we will face in the next years.

The geopolitics, the national and international security, the trade and economic development, the role of the international organizations, the importance of the internationalization from the regional and local perspective, the youth unemployment, the future of the education, the international trade, the energetic markets and sustainable development, the regional development, the role of the entrepreneurs, the leadership of the women in the new global context or the importance of the companies in the contribution to the well-being of our nations will be analyzed to try to arm a body of offers that could contribute to the governance and developement of our nations.