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President's Statement

Fellow friend of the Global Youth Leadership Forum,

The unprecedented changes that 21st Century presents and the unstoppable political, economic and social process, require also unprecedented answers, new solutions.

The world is facing constant changes; we have overcome geographic borders, and knowledge has become the key factor that determines success for the countries. Therefore, considering the big challenges that global governance is facing, from the Center of Political Studies, Globalization and International Relations we believe that global cooperation and strong relations between the countries are essential to solve the difficulties that challenge our world.

Jacobo Pombo, Global Youth Leadership Forum President

Jacobo Pombo García - GYLF President

Accordingly, and convinced of the enormous potential of these new scenario has to upgrade the life conditions of many world citizens, we have created the Global Youth Leadership Forum (GYLF), an initiative that seeks to become a central space of debate and discussion between the principal international actors (Governments, International Organizations, Companies, Universities..) and young leaders that already hold important responsibilities in their countries and are involved in the search of better and innovative solutions for the International Community.

Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights compliance, Diplomacy, International Cooperation, Technology, Responsible Leadership or Economic Development are some of the main aspects to be discussed.

I don’t want to end without a special mention to the different Governments and International Organizations that have made the Global Youth Leadership Forum possible; to them I owe my highest gratitude for their inestimable support in the conversion of The Palace of La Magdalena into the epicentre of international debate.

I sincerely appreciate your interest in this initiative, and invite you to actively contribute to the improvement of public policies and global governance.

Jacobo Pombo García - Global Youth Leadership Forum President