Agenda oficial confirmada para la sesión del jueves 26 de septiembre en GYLF2019

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Agenda Jueves 25 | GYLF 2019
Agenda Jueves 25 | GYLF 2019

Agenda oficial confirmada para la tercera sesión del foro, el miércoles 25 de septiembre.

Wednesday, September 25th

8:00- 8:45 Hrs

  • Breakfast at Hotel

10:00 Hrs (Room "Santander")

Entrepreneurship and Technology. A tool for our nations development.

  • Mr. Rosauro Varó. President at GAT Investors. Spain.
  • Mr. Enrique Riquelme. President of Cox Energy. Spain.
  • Mr. Damian Valenzuela. CEO of Latin American Invest. Miami, Florida


12:30 Hrs (Room "Renfe")

The importance of the private sector in the development generation for our societies.

  • Narciso Casado. Secretary General at CEIB and International Director at CEOE
  • Mr. Emilio Tejedor. Director of Environment. Spain.


15:00 Hrs (Room "Renfe")

Towards an inclusive economy.

  • Mr. Juan Costa. Global Leader of Sustainability and Climate Change Services at EY, UK.


16:00 Hrs (Room "Cox")

“Reinventing Tomorrow ́s World”. The New Generation of Politicians.

  • Mr. Inti Asprilla. Vice-President of the Parliament. Colombia
  • Mr. Facundo Moyano. Member of the Parliament. Argentina.
  • Mrs. Sandra Ortiz. Member of the Senate. Colombia.
  • Mr. Armando Tejeda. Member of the Parliament. Mexico
  • Chaired by: Mr. Pablo Zuloaga. Vice-President and Minister for Universities, Equality, Culture and Sports of the Government of Cantabria. Spain


17:00 Hrs (Room "Renfe")

Sport as a factor of social cohesion.

  • Mrs. Ana Muñoz. Vicepresident of the Royal Football Federation of Spain.
  • Presented by Jacobo Pombo García. President of Global Youth Leadership Forum


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